First test version

After we had completed every individual part, we move forward to putting together our first test version, which would compare two different text files, and based in the data in those files, would write into a database table whether a device is present or not. We used made up device names during testing. The first […]

General approach on the project and how we progressed

Previously we posted about Python and MariaDB and how we decides to test writing into database with Python, in case there were some bumps on the way. When we first started the RU@Work-project we decided that doing every part separately and testing it first, before applying it was the best way to go as it […]

MariaDB and python

Getting started All of us had some prior experience with MySQL databases, but MariaDB was unfamiliar to us all. Fortunately MariaDB works pretty much the same way as MySQL and even the syntax was the same. We installed MariaDB-server to our Virtual Private Server (VPS) and created a new admin user to MariaDB, as the […]

Making progress – learning Python

Our goal for the week was to get a working program up and running that first reads a file (in our case a simple .txt file with MAC-adresses), assigns said file to a variable and then does something with the variable if another preset variable is found. None of us actually know python much at […]

The project has started!

Today we got the “green light” from the teacher in charge of us. RU@work will be a work time tracking system that uses Wi-Fi connectivity and the mobile phones of employees in order to automatically track work time for the use of employees and the employer. There will be a possibility to manually log oneself […]